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Cocoa Beach Weddings:   Garter Fun Facts

As early as the 13th century, most notably in Europe, it was considered good luck to have a piece of the bride's clothing. So wedding guests would chase after the bride and literally rip pieces of fabric from her dress and/or try to steal her garter.

Thankfully, we've come a long way since then! It is now the groom's privilege, of course, to remove the bride's garter and toss it to the male wedding guests. The man who catches the garter is believed to receive good luck and be the next in line to get married. Contact your Cocoa Beach Weddings professionals today, here are a few more interesting garter faqs.

A different modern tradition has the garter being auctioned off instead of tossed at the wedding, with the proceeds going to the married couple for honeymoon expenses! Hence, there are generally two garters used these days - one "keepsake" and one "toss" garter, so the bride will always have the (usually) fancier keepsake one as a reminder of her special day.

Also, at some high schools (especially in the mid west), it's a tradition for girls to wear garters to their prom. At the end of the night, their date removes the garter and keeps it as a souvenir of the event. Sometimes the garter is exchanged for the date's bow tie, so each person has a nice prom keepsake.

No matter what you'll be using your garters for, we at Simply Seaside Weddings your Cocoa Beach Weddings professionals, certainly wish you the best of luck on your big day, as well as all the happiness in the world!

Cocoa Beach Weddings:   Swedish Wedding Traditions and Customs

If you want something different for your wedding or reception, Your Cocoa Beach Weddings experts know that looking to the past is one way to both honor your heritage and provide a unique feel for your wedding day. The following Swedish traditions and customs are age-old, and although you may recognize some of them, they are still practiced in one form or another to this day. You should feel free to borrow or modify them for your special day - perhaps starting a new tradition of your own.

One Swedish custom that doesn't sound very conducive to dancing the night away is... The bride's father places a silver coin in her left shoe, and the bride's mother puts a gold coin in her right shoe. This way they will know that she will never go without.

A Swedish bride will wear three wedding bands on her ring finger. The engagement ring, the wedding ring, and the third ring - representing motherhood. The groom typically places both the wedding ring and motherhood ring on her finger during the ceremony.

The bridal crown is a tradition in Sweden as well. Worn directly on the bride's head or over the veil, it can be as simple as a ribbon, or if true authenticity is desired, made of myrtle leaves. The bridal crown by tradition is only allowed to be worn by virgin brides. Even more Swedish wedding ideas from your friends here at Cocoa Beach Weddings.

A traditional wedding dress may be a colorful costume that in the past would be associated with a peasant's clothing. Today they are worn for festive occasions or as formal wear and can show a certain flair for the beautiful.

Shared among many other cultures is the bouquet of flowers. In Sweden this was typically made from the strongest-smelling flowers in the hopes that the smell would ward off evil creatures such as trolls.

One item that is very different in Sweden is the idea that the bride's father will walk her up the isle. Instead, the bride and groom enter the church or venue together. It is also said that the first one to step over the threshold will be the dominant one in the relationship. In addition, the one that says "I Do" the loudest will be in control of the marriage.

Speeches at a Swedish reception are given by anyone who wants, but it is traditional for both the bride's and groom's fathers to speak first. The only requirement is that they first inform the toastmaster. The toastmaster is responsible for announcing the speaker. Anyone can give a speech though, and at any time throughout the evening.

If the bride leaves the room for any reason, other women at the reception are free to kiss the groom. When the groom leaves the room, other men will have a chance to kiss the bride.

Dinner will most likely consist of the traditional buffet, known as a smorgasbord. Such items as herring, Swedish meatballs, cowberry jam, and other favorites will be on the menu. Throughout dinner, traditional drinking songs may be sung. Clinking glasses in order to make the bride and groom kiss works, too. For a romantic wedding Swedish or traditional, the ones to call on are your Cocoa Beach Weddings experts here at Simply Seaside Weddings.

Cocoa Beach Weddings:   Bouquet For ancient Greeks and Romans, the bouquet was a pungent mix of garlic and herbs or grains. The garlic was supposed to ward off evil spirits and the herbs or grains were to insure a fruitful union. In ancient Poland, it was believed that sprinkling sugar on the bride's bouquet kept her temper sweet.

Cocoa Beach Weddings:   Cake The wedding cake has always played an important part in the wedding. Ancient Romans broke a cake over the bride's head to symbolize fertility or abundance. Many other cultures dropped wheat, flour or cake on the bride's head, and then ate the crumbs for good luck. The early British baked baskets of dry crackers, and every guest took one home after the wedding. In medieval times, guests brought small cakes and piled them on a table. The bride and groom then attempted to kiss over the cakes. Eventually, a young baker decided to put all the cakes together and cover them with frosting, thus the tiered wedding cake was born.

Cocoa Beach Weddings:   Dress Traditionally, brides did not wear white wedding gowns. Through the 18th century, most brides just wore their Sunday best to their wedding. Red was a favorite during the Middle Ages in Europe. Other colors were worn for symbolic reasons: blue meant constancy and green meant youth. As years passed, white was worn as a symbol of purity. Today, white merely symbolizes the wedding and is worn by any bride, no matter if it is their second marriage.

Port Canaveral Weddings:    Honeymoon The first weddings comprised of a groom taking his bride by capture. He would take her somewhere hidden away so her relatives and villagers couldn't find them. There they stayed for one moon phase and drank mead, a wine make from honey, to make them more amorous. Thus, the word "honeymoon" was born. Today, the honeymoon is the time when the couple can get away for awhile.

Port Canaveral Weddings:   Kiss The first kiss a bride and groom share at the close of the ceremony has carried special significance through the centuries. Many cultures believed that the couple exchanged spirits with their breath and part of their souls were exchanged as well.

Port Canaveral Weddings:   Ring The wedding ring has traditionally been worn on the third finger of the left hand because it was believed that a vein in this finger ran directly to the heart. The third finger of the left hand has become the customary wedding-ring finger for all English-speaking cultures.

Port Canaveral Weddings:   Throwing Rice One of the oldest wedding traditions, the custom of throwing rice, originated with the ancient Hindus and Chinese. In these cultures, rice is the symbol of fruitfulness and prosperity. Your Port Canaveral Weddings professionals know that tossing it after the ceremony was believed to bestow fertility upon the bride and groom. Eating rice and other grains was thought to guarantee health, wealth and happiness for the newlyweds. Today, rice tossing is being replaced by the more ecologically friendly birdseed tossing, because uncooked rice is damaging to birds who eat it off the church lawn.

Port Canaveral Weddings:   Veil Mystique and romance has surrounded the veil for more than one thousand years. Originally, the veil is thought to have been used to hide the bride from abductors, just as the similar dress of her bridesmaids was meant to do. But a more romantic interpretation evolved later which believed that concealment (as the bride's face beneath a veil) rendered what was hidden more valuable. Another early interpretation of the veil was that it symbolized youth and virginity.

Weddings Florida Beach :   What's the story behind wedding favors?
Wedding favors played different roles in different cultures. For the landed gentry of England and France, wedding favors sometimes served as "largesse" to butter up the important guests and impress the poorer ones. When you have decided on marriage the ones to turn to are your Weddings Florida Beach experts here at Simply Seaside Weddings.

Further east — in the Middle East and Italy for example — favors were a way for the bride and groom to "bless" their guests. The five traditional wishes for health, wealth, happiness, fertility, and longevity were conveyed with five Jordan almonds in a bag.

With today's bride enjoying so much freedom, no matter how traditional her ceremony may be, wedding favors are expressive ... a way to express yourself, and extend your wedding theme. Share yourself in a personal way — your sense of style, your profession or sense of humor! — while letting your guests know how much you appreciate their making the drive/flight/journey to be with you on "your big day." Call your Weddings Florida Beach headquarters at Simply Seaside Weddings today and plan the wedding of your lifetime.

Good Luck and Bad Luck

1. Weddings Florida Beach, Hey, brides, tuck a sugar cube into your glove -- according to Greek culture, the sugar will sweeten your union.

2. Weddings Florida Beach, The English believe a spider found in a wedding dress means good luck. Yikes!

3. Weddings Florida Beach, In English tradition, Wednesday is considered the "best day" to marry, although Monday is for wealth and Tuesday is for health.

4. Weddings Florida Beach, The groom carries the bride across the threshold to bravely protect her from evil spirits lurking below.

5. Weddings Florida Beach, Saturday is the unluckiest wedding day, according to English folklore. Funny -- it's the most popular day of the week to marry!

6. Weddings Florida Beach, Ancient Romans studied pig entrails to determine the luckiest time to marry.

7. Weddings Florida Beach, Rain on your wedding day is actually considered good luck, according to Hindu tradition!

8. Weddings Florida Beach, For good luck, Egyptian women pinch the bride on her wedding day. Ouch!

9. Weddings Florida Beach, Middle Eastern brides paint henna on their hands and feet to protect themselves from the evil eye.

10. Weddings Florida Beach, Peas are thrown at Czech newlyweds instead of rice.

11. Weddings Florida Beach, A Swedish bride puts a silver coin from her father and a gold coin from her mother in each shoe to ensure that she'll never do without

12. Weddings Florida Beach, A Finnish bride traditionally went door-to-door collecting gifts in a pillowcase, accompanied by an older married man who represented long marriage.

13. Weddings Florida Beach, Moroccan women take a milk bath to purify themselves before their wedding ceremony.

14. Weddings Florida Beach, In Holland, a pine tree is planted outside the newlyweds' home as a symbol of fertility and luck 


It's Got a Ring To It

15 .Port Canaveral Weddings, Engagement and wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because it was once thought that a vein in that finger led directly to the heart.

16. Port Canaveral Weddings, About 70% of all brides sport the traditional diamond on the fourth finger of their left hand.

17. Port Canaveral Weddings, Priscilla Presley's engagement ring was a whopping 3 1/2-carat rock surrounded by a detachable row of smaller diamonds.

18. Port Canaveral Weddings, Diamonds set in gold or silver became popular as betrothal rings among wealthy Venetians toward the end of the fifteenth century.

19. Port Canaveral Weddings, In the symbolic language of jewels, a sapphire in a wedding ring means marital happiness.

20. Port Canaveral Weddings, A pearl engagement ring is said to be bad luck because its shape echoes that of a tear.

21. Port Canaveral Weddings, One of history's earliest engagement rings was given to Princess Mary, daughter of Henry VIII. She was two years old at the time.

22. Port Canaveral Weddings, Seventeen tons of gold are made into wedding rings each year in the United States!

23. Port Canaveral Weddings, Snake rings dotted with ruby eyes were popular wedding bands in Victorian England -- the coils winding into a circle symbolized eternity.

24. Port Canaveral Weddings, Aquamarine represents marital harmony and is said to ensure a long, happy marriage.

Fashionable Lore

25. Cocoa Beach Weddings, Queen Victoria started the Western world's white wedding dress trend in 1840 -- before then, brides simply wore their best dress.

26. Cocoa Beach Weddings, In Asia, wearing robes with embroidered cranes symbolizes fidelity for the length of a marriage.

27. Cocoa Beach Weddings, Ancient Greeks and Romans thought the veil protected the bride from evil spirits. Brides have worn veils ever since.

28. Cocoa Beach Weddings, On her wedding day, Grace Kelly wore a dress with a bodice made from beautiful 125-year-old lace.

29. Cocoa Beach Weddings, Of course, Jackie Kennedy's bridesmaids were far from frumpy. She chose pink silk faille and red satin gowns created by African-American designer Ann Lowe (also the creator of Jackie's dress).

30. Cocoa Beach Weddings, In Japan, white was always the color of choice for bridal ensembles -- long before Queen Victoria popularized it in the Western world.

31. Cocoa Beach Weddings, Most expensive wedding ever? The marriage of Sheik Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum's son to Princess Salama in Dubai in May 1981. The price tag? $44 million.

32. Cocoa Beach Weddings, In Korea, brides don bright hues of red and yellow to take their vows.

33. Cocoa Beach Weddings, Brides carry or wear "something old" on their wedding day to symbolize continuity with the past.

34. Cocoa Beach Weddings, In Denmark, brides and grooms traditionally cross-dressed to confuse evil spirits!

35. Cocoa Beach Weddings, The "something blue" in a bridal ensemble symbolizes purity, fidelity, and love.


Food and Family

36. Florida Beach Weddings, In Egypt, the bride's family traditionally does all the cooking for a week after the wedding, so the couple can…relax.

37. Florida Beach Weddings, In South Africa, the parents of both bride and groom traditionally carried fire from their hearths to light a new fire in the newlyweds' hearth.

38. Florida Beach Weddings, The tradition of a wedding cake comes from ancient Rome, where revelers broke a loaf of bread over a bride's head for fertility's sake.

39. Florida Beach Weddings, The custom of tiered cakes emerged from a game where the bride and groom attempted to kiss over an ever-higher cake without knocking it over.

40. Florida Beach Weddings, Queen Victoria's wedding cake weighed a whopping 300 pounds.

41. Florida Beach Weddings, Legend says single women will dream of their future husbands if they sleep with a slice of groom's cake under their pillows.

42. Florida Beach Weddings, An old wives' tale: If the younger of two sisters marries first, the older sister must dance barefoot at the wedding or risk never landing a husband.

Show Off at a Cocktail Party

43. Port Canaveral Weddings, In many cultures around the world -- including Celtic, Hindu and Egyptian weddings -- the hands of a bride and groom are literally tied together to demonstrate the couple's commitment to each other and their new bond as a married couple (giving us the popular phrase "tying the knot").

44. Cocoa Beach Weddings, The Roman goddess Juno rules over marriage, the hearth, and childbirth, hence the popularity of June weddings.

45. Port Canaveral Weddings, Princess Victoria established the tradition of playing Wagner's "Bridal Chorus" during her wedding processional in 1858.

46. Cocoa Beach Weddings, The bride stands to the groom's left during a Christian ceremony, because in bygone days the groom needed his right hand free to fight off other suitors.

47. Port Canaveral Weddings, On average, 7,000 couples marry each day in the United States.

48. Cocoa Beach Weddings, Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve are the two busiest "marriage" days in Las Vegas -- elopement central!

49. Port Canaveral Weddings, The Catholic tradition of "posting the banns" to announce a marriage originated as a way to ensure the bride and groom were not related.

50. Cocoa Beach Weddings, Stag parties were first held by ancient Spartan soldiers, who kissed their bachelor days goodbye with a raucous party.